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Phuket: Sapryt anyone? And Other Tales From The Plate

March 6, 2010

Another thing that I look forward to when going to Thailand is the gastronomic wonders that await me.From the spicy goodness of the tom yam to the sweetness of the sticky rice with mango who am I to resist all these yummy delights.

Of Phad Thai and Sapryt

Once we have registered in the hotel, we immediately went in search for our lunch.As we walked along the main road we found a busy Thai restaurant named No.6 Restaurant which is not beside No.5 or No.7 restaurants.

We were seated at the table right beside the sidewalk and given copies of the menu. I want to start my with something I consider as my “Thai comfort food” which is Phad Thai. It is a dish of stir fried glass noodle which can have seafood, chicken, pork or beef (whichever you prefer). The taste is way different from the usual noodle dishes commonly found in the Asian region. I got a plateful of tasty Chicken Phad Thai for 60 Baht.


Together with the dish that I ordered, I also ordered a cold soda – Sprite. And a somewhat bizaare converstation ensued between me and the waitress.

Waitress: Ok, so u ordered…… 1 coke and 5 Sapryt

Me: Sorry..we ordered Sprite (looking confused)

Waitress: yes 5 Sapryt

My Friends: Sprite is Sapryt!!

Me: Yes, 5 Sapryt!

Bottles of Sapryt

Of Fresh Seafoods and Another Sapryt

For dinner on our first night, we already have an idea where we are going to eat since we saw these rows of restaurants earlier that has fresh seafoods that you can choose from and they will cook it for you based on the dish you ordered (For Pinoys, this is your Thai version of Dampa). We headed to these seafood restaurants near Orchid Resort/Hotel. We ordered the following main dishes: Tom Yam soup, Steamed Fish and Pandan chicken.As for refreshments it’s not Sapryt but we opted to go au naturel and ordered fresh coconut juice.Service is excruciatingly slow and personally I wouldn’t say that it’s value for money since there is really nothing special in the way the food tasted

Steamed fish

On our second night, we tried to go towards the market where there are also several stalls of “Dampa” style restaurants. We got attracted to this restaurant when we notice that the guy inviting people in is the same guy pictured on the tarpaulin which says “Mr.Jai, Good My Friend”. Oh,yes it’s Mr.Jai himself inviting people into his restaurant.

It’s our last dinner at Phuket so we ordered a bit more compared to the previous night’s dinner. We got grilled fish, stir fried kangkong, tom yam soup, steamed fish, grilled pork and few pieces of oysters and (drumroll please) oh yes…the infamous bottles of Sapryt.Mr.Jai didn’t let us down, service is good and prompt, food is tasty and flavorful and the best part the price is cheaper.Our total bill is just a bit higher than the previous night’s dinner considering we ordered way more dishes than the previous night.With satisfied grins and full stomachs we can really say “Good My Friend!” (I cannot recall the actual address of Mr.Jai’s restaurant — if you are interested to meet him in person and dine here I would suggest you can ask your hotel or the locals for directions to this restaurant )


Capping it with some Green, Yellow and White

Before lugging our baggages to the airport we grabbed some lunch at the Jungceylon Mall’s Foodcourt. Similar to foodcourts in Bangkok – you need to get a prepaid card that will be used to purchase your food. No worries, any remaining amount can be encashed back to you by returning the card. Found my remaining Thai food must eats which are Green Chicken Curry and Sticky Rice with Mango to satisfy my sweet tooth. The green curry is ok not something to rave about with small pieces of chicken. I’m always partial to Sticky rice with mango for me it always taste great no matter where I bought it.

Phuket is not only sun,sea and sand but also a gustatory delight. Cheers to that with a bottle of Sapryt!

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  1. March 10, 2010 4:43 am

    The steamed fish looks divine! By the way that ‘sapryt’ thing’s hilarious! Ah, how fun travelling is.

    • outonvacation permalink*
      March 11, 2010 1:45 pm

      Hi pinaytraveljunkie 🙂 yup..the steamed fish also tasted divine 😉 I’m also reading your China trip..Im getting interested into travelling overland via train…I’m sure it’s a definite adventure.

  2. March 17, 2010 6:08 pm

    It really is an adventure! Well, hope you get the chance to do so soon, will surely read your blog about it!

  3. April 22, 2010 6:05 pm

    im a fan of Thai food. looking forward na matikaman lahat yan sa July. Ü

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