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New York: I want to be a part of it…New York, New York!

September 15, 2009

It was a full packed day for day two in the Big Apple. I also have a personal tour guide for the day which is my college bud “K” – this means no more figuring out the subway.

It was a gray and rainy day which will translate to lesser and not so nice photo-op session. Rain or shine nothing can dampen my spirit for this bonding in the Big Apple with “K”. I remember while we were sitting in the train and chatting about the itinerary when we just had a this realization as “K” puts it –  “Can you imagine we are both here in NY! – this is so surreal”

Crossroads of the World

First stop, is the touristy but definitely the place to experience the so called ‘New York Vibe’ – Times Square. Being a theatre aficionado – I just gaped at all those Broadway show billboards lining the streets of Times Square. The place just seemed to vibrate with energy from locals hurrying up and down the streets in their flapping jackets and umbrellas to the flock of tourists posing in the Red steps or queuing up in the TKTS booth for a discounted Broadway play ticket even with the persistent rain.No wonder it is nicknamed ‘Crossroads of the World’ because all kinds of people from different backgrounds just converged in this particular place in New York. Care for a free entertainment, just find a cozy corner in Times Square and people watch or do an oplan boy hunting definitely better than catching a film.

I tried to defy gravity

My trip has a tight schedule there was no chance for me to catch a Broadway play – bummer. And even if I do have time to watch ‘Wicked’ – tickets are all sold out – another bummer. So if you are planning to catch a popular Broadway play you have to pre-book your show ticket, another alternative to just experience Broadway is to get a heavily discounted tickets from the TKTS booth right there in Times Square. For this trip, I have to contend myself in visiting Gershwin Theatre and pretending to catch ‘Wicked’. What a better way to capture the closest moment I have in watching a Broadway play in Broadway is to take pictures from the facade of Gershwin theatre to all the ‘Wicked’ posters scattered in the the theatre’s vicinity. Next time I do visit New York – catching ‘Wicked’ will top my list of things to do.

NY Day2: Times St., Grand Central, 5th Ave.

NY Day2: Times St., Grand Central, 5th Ave.

Grand Dame

Another stop for the day is Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. This is actually built by the prominent Vanderbilts (sounds Gossip Girl character). The huge Main Concourse is lighted by gorgeous chandeliers reminiscent of five star hotel lobbies. One will find bustling crowds going in and out of the councourse or several queues in the ticketing counters. At the middle of the concourse is the main information booth with the four faced clock – according to Wikipedia the faces of all four clocks are genuine opals worth 10-20 million dollar (jaw drops).  Another highlight of the place is the mural of the stars painted on the ceiling of Grand Central.

Hello Upper East Siders

On our way to the Metropolitan Museum and Central Park we passed by the so-called Upper East Side area of Manhattan. This translates to “this is where the rich and famous are staying”. There are blocks and blocks of townhouses and luxury apartments adorned by the ubiquitous metal fire escape ladders. When you glance inside these several thousand per square meter piece of personal space in Manhattan – there is this hotel-like lobby with marble lined reception desk , dangling chandeliers, plush chairs and sofas and a doorman adorned in a neat uniform assisting an Upper East Sider mom and his preppy son as the Mercedes Benz car waits in the curb. – neat!

Passing By – I’ll see you the next time

Two disappointments for the day – The famous New York Metropolitan Museum is closed to the public for a private event . By the time we reached Central Park, it was now really pouring and we are both drenched. No point in going inside and exploring Central Park, so I just snapped some photos for souvenir purposes.

Time check – It’s 6pm NY time and we are off to find Magnolia Bakery.Come to think of it – on the other side of the world where I came from a new day is just starting.

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  1. November 5, 2009 1:31 am

    Lovely pictures of New York! Next to the whole of Europe, it’s probably my #2 dream destination. 🙂

    Thanks for adding a link to my site on your blog! Glad to know my Cambodia-Vietnam posts were able to help. I can share with you our itinerary if you like – I’m planning to upload it to my blog soon, but if you want, I can email it to you as well. 🙂

    Have a great day!

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