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New York: It’s a Cliche but I really heart NY

September 6, 2009

As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world. 
Pearl S. Buck

New York City does not need any introduction. From the history books, you have probably read and saw the picture of Lady Liberty as she greets the migrants flocking to the New World. If you’ve missed that history lesson, you would still have gotten a bite of the Big Apple from all the movies that were filmed here – when Tom Hanks was “Sleepless in Seattle”, a big ape called KingKong thought the spire of the Empire State Building is a tree trunk, the ‘fasyon’ Carrie Bradshaw as she strolls the streets of Manhattan in those Choos and Blahniks.I do remember when I was young thinking that New York City is already the whole of United States since it’s the only place I have seen in the movies.

New York Day One - Empire State Bldg,MOMA, Rockefeller Center

New York Day One - Empire State Bldg,MOMA, Rockefeller Center

Subway — Not the Sandwich!
My first NY experience is the Subway. No it’s not the popular sandwich but NY’s train system very similar to our local LRT and MRT. For a flat fare of $2.00 and a good amount of walking, you can explore any part of the Big Apple. The subway is made up of an intricate (another term for mind numbing) series of train lines identified by a letter or number. Which direction you want to take is either uptown or downtown. If this confuses you which also happened to yours truly, try to make out a trueblue Newyorker or an MTA employee and just politely ask for directions. I remember when I approached this girl as she arranges her paper bag loaded with several Steve Madden shoes ( I was actually astounded by the shoes) to ask for directions and she even went out of her way to guide us to the correct staircase. (That’s a Newyorker for you)

How come they always wanted to meet in the Empire State Building to profess their undying love.
What does the lonely guy from Seattle and an ex football star have in common? They both wanted to meet their lady love in the Empire State Building. Being a closet romantic, My first stop in the city that never sleeps is the Empire State Building which I already considered a familiar place because of the countless times I’ve seen Sleepless in Seattle and Love Affair.
Since its a weekday there are a fewer tourists lined up for the tickets and elevator rides, it was quite a breeze from the ticket purchase up to the elevator ride that took us to the 86th floor observatory area. Observatory ticket is priced at $20. Additional fees applies for a map and audio tour.
The observation deck provide an impressive view of New York City but due to an overcast weather we were not blessed with a good visibility. Too bad, it was a gray and foggy city for me.

Rockyfellah and a Friday Freebie
Next stop, is the Rockefeller Center which houses the famous ice skating and the statue of Atlas. No christmas tree treat for me since its still way to early for the yuletide season. Another famous observatory called The Rock is located here.
Last stop for the day is the Museum of Modern Art which just a few blocks away from Rockefeller. Since it’s a friday we were able to get in for free because of the Target Friday which allows people to go inside MOMA for free from 4pm-9pm.

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