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Las Vegas: Around the World In Three Days

August 19, 2009

Another way to enjoy and experience Las Vegas in a budget friendly way is to
hotel-hop and be whisked from one continent to another.

Butterflies in Wynn

Butterflies in Wynn

The Charm of the Orient
On our first night at the city of Light we visited the newest luxury hotel in the strip
which is Wynn and its next door neighbor Encore. The primary theme is the Orient. From the plush red carpets to the intricate oriental decors conveys elegance and luxury.
Fremont Experience

Fremont Experience

Old Town Las Vegas
After hitting Wynn and Encore, it was time to be nostalgic and head out of the famous ‘strip’ to
the older side of Las Vegas which is Fremont Street. The street’s famous attraction is the Light and Sound show where neons lights are projected into the “canopy” that runs along Fremont Street. Casinos, Retail Shops and Souvenir stores line the stretch of the street. I bought my souvenirs here since my aunt told me that its cheaper to get it here than in the ‘strip’
Paris Balloon

Paris Balloon

The Charm of Paris
On our second night out it was off to the city of Love – Paris. That Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel tower replicas are sights to behold.Inside the hotel, it is like walking along the famous cobbled stone streets of Paris together with this fake blue sky painted roof.

Grecian Goddess

Grecian Goddess

The Grandeur of Rome
After Paris it was time to visit Caesar’s Palace. Just looking from the outside, one can say that Caesar’s Palace is one of the grandest hotel in the Strip. The hotel buildings are designed after the Roman Architecture. You would also find several statues of the mythological gods and goddesses and even a replica of Da Vinci’s ‘David’. You can also view the ‘Atlantis’ which is an indoor aquarium in Forum Shops which is within Caesar’s Palace.
That Funny Man

That Funny Man

Fun at the Circus
On the afternoon of our last day in Las Vegas, it was time to enjoy the Circus. Coming from Manila, it is your high-end perya. There are all these booths where you can play different ‘perya-like’ games.You can also choose some electronic games and accumulate the tickets and claim it for a prize. There are also scheduled circus acts that you can catch when you are tired from shooting the darts.


The Romance of The Venetian and Bellagio
what better way to cap our last night at the City of Lights but be romanced by the Italians. From the gondolas and canals of Venice in The Venetian to the colorful and magnificent indoor flower garden of Bellagio Conservatory.

From the Mystic of Orient to the Culture rich Europe all in three car…a comfy pair of crocs..4 GB SD Card and a fully charged Digital Camera..That’s Las Vegas for you.

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