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Las Vegas: Oasis in the Desert

July 22, 2009
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Viva Las Vegas

After three hours of rolling dessert gutted with wild bushes, the skyline of Las Vegas loomed ahead like an oasis in the desert. It was around 4pm when we hit ‘the strip’. Though the famous neon lights are not yet lit but I was already in awe of the grandness of Las Vegas as we passed by rows and rows of luxurious hotels.Never in my life have I seen that much concentration of elaborate facades of buildings in one location.

It was another story when night comes into Las Vegas it becomes like a magical toy left in the toy shop that comes into life as the day ends. The night ushers in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas as the party atmosphere settles into the city. It was a sensory overload with the multitude of colors from the neon  that lights up the streets. Masses of people moving up and down the strip carrying those fancy plastic cups of cocktail drinks or puffing a smoke or two. Those hitting the club scenes looked like the recession has caught up with them that they resorted to buying a size smaller than what they usually wear hah! The casinos are filled with serious gambler trying their luck and rows and rows of slot machine beckons. We did try our hand on those slot machine but no first timer luck for us. I wonder if we could have done better in poker since I got some so called trainings from our poker night sessions at home.

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